Talk's Services


Speech Sounds

Is your child’s talking difficult to understand? Does your child:

  • Have trouble saying speech sounds like ‘f, c, sh, s, sw, bl’?
  • Say things like “I wite dis tat” for “I like this cat?”

TALK can help.

Talking and Listening

Does your child have difficulty:

  • Getting their message across?
  • Following instructions?
  • Understanding words e.g., over, same?
  • Telling a story?
  • Using grammar e.g., using words like ‘she, he, her, his’?

TALK can help.

Eating and Feeding

  • Is your child a fussy eater?
  • Do they only eat some food groups?
  • Does your child refuse to eat or have difficulty chewing?
  • Do you have mealtime battles?

TALK can help.

Spelling and Reading

Does your child have difficulty:

  • Learning to read?
  • Sounding out (decoding) words?
  • Hearing sounds in words?
  • Understanding what they read?
  • Spelling words?
  • Writing a story?

TALK can help.

Social Skills

Does your child have difficulty:

  • Making and keeping friends?
  • Taking turns in games and conversations?
  • Being a friendly winner and loser in games?
  • Understanding how other people feel?
  • Playing socially with others?

TALK can help.

TALK Speech Pathology also provides support for children who may already have a diagnosis such as Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), dyslexia, learning difficulties, Autism spectrum disorder, Developmental Language Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Attention, Deficit Disorder, and Auditory Processing Disorder.

What are TALK’s fees?

The initial assessment consultation fee may vary depending on the length of time needed and whether or not a written report is required.

An Initial Consultation / Assessment is $230 per hour and reports are an additional cost.

Assessments can range in price as they make take between one and three hours to complete.

Full pricing details can be found here.

What funding support is available?

The following Australian Government funding initiatives, and private health cover insurers, currently offer support for speech pathology intervention as follows:

NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) – funding support for children and adults with a significant and permanent disability. Talk Speech Pathology is able to work with children who have “self-managed” or “plan-managed” funding through NDIA.

Chronic Disease Management Plan (also known as Enhanced Primary Care Plan). Children of all ages with a chronic medical condition may be able to access Medicare rebates to cover allied health services that help manage their condition. This program is accessed via your GP.

Private Health Insurance (extras cover). Speak with your insurer to check amounts rebated for speech pathology services as they can vary between funds.

Please call reception on (08) 8358 1114 to discuss your eligibility options in more detail.