Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Speech Pathologist do?

Do I need a referral?
No. You can call us directly on (08) 83581114 to book an appointment or to make an enquiry.
Is treatment covered by Medicare?

Therapy can be partially covered by Medicare if your child has an approved Chronic Disease Management Plan. Your GP will indicate whether you are eligible for such a plan based on assessment results and ongoing therapy needs.

Do you accept private health cover?
Yes. We have a HICAPS terminal at our Marion clinic. The amount of coverage depends on your extra’s plan. For preschool and school based services, you are sent an invoice which can then be processed via your private health provider.
Are you an NDIS provider?

We are able to work with children who have NDIS plan managed or self managed plans.

Do you offer mobile or telehealth?

Yes, both. Many of our team are experienced in telehealth and home/school/preschool visits can be facilitated if the site is accommodating of support staff attending.

My child is struggling with reading, is there someone who can help them?

We have a wealth of experience with literacy interventions and are well equipped to support reading and writing. Our Speech Pathologists are trained in phonetics and linguistics – both of which are fundamental skill areas in learning to read and write.

My child gets frustrated because they can’t articulate their ideas clearly. What should we do?

“My family can’t understand my toddler, but I can. What should I do?”
This is common but can be a sign of an underlying concern. Speech Pathology Australia has a free Communication Milestone Kit that may help. We recommend calling us for an assessment rather than taking the ‘wait and see’ approach. Early intervention is always the key.

Is there homework?

Your speech pathologist will support you with ideas and strategies for application at home. Short, regular practice bursts are best, and for many goals, support can be offered incidentally during play and/or during simple home-based activities.


Talk Speech Pathologists work across Adelaide and in the Fleurieu Peninsula.
Services are provided across preschools, schools, homes and in the following clinic locations:




Years Established

Get In Touch

Telephone: (08) 8358 1114

Email: reception@talkspeechpathology.com.au

Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm


Marion clinic

3/13 Finniss St, Marion (Main Office, adjacent Precious Cargo Child Care Centre)
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Collinswood Clinic

1A Cassie Street, Collinswood
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Lockleys Clinic

3 Rowells Road, Lockleys
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Blackwood Clinic

257 Main Road, Blackwood (Next to Craggs Real Estate)
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Fleurieu Peninsula

Visits provided in preschools,
schools and homes



Visits provided in preschools,
schools and homes


Kingswood clinic

15 Princes Road, Kingswood
(Adjacent Mitcham Shopping Centre)
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To find out more or to book an appointment please contact our office on 8358 1114